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The Best Practical Gifts for Mom: Your Comprehensive Guide

It’s time to start planning your ideas what you’ll get your mother this year for her birthday. You could also have a friend that’s a mom-to-be and you’re looking at finding her a great gift for baby. Whichever way the story goes, the truth is that finding practical gifts for mom can be a devious task, even more so if you’re still stuck in the same old ‘give a home-made card like when I was 10’ regime.

So this year, instead of buying mom things she doesn’t really need or clothes she’ll probably only wear once before she chucks them out to charity, why not consider investing in something your mom really wants and needs, something practical she’ll actually be able to use.

This article has been put together to help you see what great, useful gifts are out there for moms. But before we get to the real juice of this post though, there are a few things you need to know…

Some of the WORST Gifts to Get Your Mom

Whether you’re getting your butt in gear for the next upcoming mother’s day or simply looking at buying your mom something unique for her birthday, there are a few things you should avoid getting her, at all costs. Whether you’re getting a gift for your own mom, or you’re planning on buying something for your friend with a new baby, there are a few things you should definitely avoid investing in. Here’s what NOT to buy:

1. Makeup or Clothes

Unless your mom is your BFF, chances are you’re going to screw this one up. Makeup is a very personal thing and has to be perfectly matched with your mom’s skin tone and complexity. Judging other people’s taste in clothes can be equally as tricky because picking out the right size and style could easily offend your mom if not done perfectly.

On the other hand, you might actually get this one right if you’re searching for a practical gift for a new mom and her baby, just make sure that you’ve got all the info you’ll need to make that perfect purchase!

2. A Pet

A pet is probably something YOU want, something which you present to your mom as a gift, but we all know that it won’t truly be hers. All you’re doing is effectively adding another member to the family that your mom will end up feeding and cleaning up after.

Also getting a pet for a friend with a new baby is NEVER a good idea. She has her hands full already!

3. Anti-Aging or Exercise Products

If you want to get stabbed, go ahead and give your mom something which implies she needs to start working out or looking younger. These items should never be given as a gift to your mom, and the rule doesn’t only apply to mother’s day or her birthday.

4. Kitchen Appliances or Cleaning Supplies

Sooo… this scenario can never go down well. “Happy happy mom, now please clean up after me or make me some food with this cool new gadget I got you!”

5. Breakfast in Bed (and you’re a lame cook)

While the idea of breakfast in bed sounds adorable, it’s not as much the case when it’s made by kids who just don’t know how to cook. If you’ve got plans to spoil her with some delicate foods, go ahead and make a brunch booking at her favorite place.

6. Homemade Cards If You’re Older Than 10

It’s just not cute anymore. End of story.

That being said, here are some ideas you should definitely consider giving your mom on her special day…

The Best Practical Gifts for Mom

1. A Clutch or Nice Organizer

Moms are forever juggling the kids’ backpacks, sports gear, or diaper bags, which means that they’ll appreciate a practical organizer or clutch which will help them keep their personals organized in one place.

2. Snuggly Bedding

Cuddling in bed or on the couch is every mom’s dream, and you can help your mom with this by buying her some awesome bedding. Think along the lines of a nice cozy blankie or a quick pillow refresh, which will help her chill out after a long hard day. Cozy bedding might also be a perfect gift for mom and baby since it’ll help your friend spend more quality bonding time with her baby!

3. An Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime is a membership plan priced at $99, and it’s something you should definitely consider getting for your mom. With this membership, she’ll be able to borrow a range of books for free, store her photos and videos for free, stream her favorite music, plus she’ll become eligible for free two-day shipping on certain purchased, and stream unlimited movies and TV shows. Hands down, this has to be one of our favorite gifting ideas for all moms out there!

4. A Mom’s Day Off

Moms do a LOT of work. They cook, they clean, they ensure the home is stocked with groceries, and they raise the kids, all the while trying to remain as sane as possible. All of those things can be exhausting, so instead of giving her a tangible gift, why not consider giving her a practical “free pass” gift? Go ahead and cook your mom a great meal (or order in if you can’t exactly cook), clean the house for her, offer to get the laundry done, and help her with other chores such as grocery shopping.

5. Practical D.I.Y Gifts

YouTube and Pinterest are amazing resources for helping you find fun, easy, and practical gifts that you can make for mom. From jewelry boxes to jars filled with homemade pamper products, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Final Thoughts

We get that finding the best practical gifts for mom might seem like a hard task to tackle, but once you sit down to consider all the possibilities, things quickly start to look up. We’ve shown you what not to buy your mom, and we’ve also shown you 5 of the best and most practical gifting ideas for mom. All you need to do now is to sit down and try to figure out which one of our recommended gift ideas will better suit your mom’s individual needs and likes.

When it comes down to it, you’re the one that knows your mother best, and as such, she’s always been dropping hints and tips as to the things she’d love to get as gifts. As yourself…what has your mom been asking for in a nonverbal way for the last few months?

Happy shopping!

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